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My RealPlayer Flash Videos No Longer Play

I have many videos in Flash format downloaded with RealPlayer.  I asked you a few months ago if these videos would still play when Flash died, especially if I uninstalled Flash from my machine.  You told me that they would still play, implying that RealPlayer had Flash playback ability embedded in it.  I haven't uninstalled Flash, and it's still on my machine, but it's past Jan. 12, when Adobe said it would prevent Flash from running, and the videos won't play.


Why won't they play, and will they play if I download an earlier version of Flash?  Converting to another format is the last thing I want to have to do.



Van Prince

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Hi Van,

While the three .flv files I downloaded from today played the first time in RealPlayer 20/20, the three .swf files would not play and instead displayed the Abobe Flash logo as seen below:

So it depends on the particular Flash file format (extension) your videos use. One format plays; the other does not.  I hope this helps.

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Thanks for responding.

I don't know anything about this technology and so don't know anything about .swf files. All I know is, looking at the properties of some of my videos, they all say .flv.  Are .swf files something in addition to that, an alternative to that, or what exactly?  Since none of the videos I tried played, does that mean they're really .swf files?

Thanks again.

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.SWF files require Adobe program but .FLV files don't require Adobe to be installed. We tested it in-house by not having Adobe installed. RealPlayer played all FLV files without any issues. Our guess is that your files may have some .SWF codecs. Would you be able to share one such file that doesn't play for you? We can test it in-house and let you know what may be the problem.

To send us a file up to 1 GB in size, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to
2. You will see instructions for attaching the file. Choose the file you want to send us.
3. In the "to" section, enter "gsharma".
4. In the box below, enter your email address and/or ticket number, along with a brief note about the issue (just a sentence is fine).
5. Click Send.

We will review the file(s). If for some reason we have difficulty receiving the file, we will let you know.


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