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Wont let me SHARE a video, says i have insufficient space and that i must upgrade.

Months and months ago i purchased the $4.99/monthly Premium.  Im always sharing vids but it wont let me share now, saying i have insufficient space and must upgrade.  How can i upgrade if i ALREADY HAVE PREMIUM?  Is Premium limited?  Please help me.  Thanks.

victor murray

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We see that you have an active RealTimes Premium (Monthly) plan. This plan comes with 25GB of Cloud storage. It looks like you have close to 50GB of files stored in the Cloud. Please note: Whenever you share a video, the video is first uploaded to the Cloud and then shared to your recipients. That said, you will have to remove some of the files stored in the Cloud so you can share more files. You can click this link to access your Cloud content.

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