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Playback issue,

When download multi videos ( same types ) and you playback in " Realplayer " one after the other, they will play consecutively, but if you tried to saved them on a " micro sd card " or any other storage devices, they don't playback on " Realplayer " or any other device, such as a tablet or any other applicable device, all it says " Unable to playback, files correct or outdated or wrong format " . However, this problem started shortly after I updated from  " Realplayer 18 to Realplayer 20/20 ". At this time, I can only watch a " Download " on the computer (once ) but if you tranfer it a memory card or any other device, its not playable. HELP, I NEED HELP.

Arthur Bartley

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What is the file format that is downloaded and transferred to your memory card?

Please make sure it is in MP4 format as this is a universal format.

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