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Realplayer 20/20



  • Emlyn Davies

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    I have a recent problem. I am trying to burn DVD discs. I have listed the video clips that i wish to burn. After a few minutes when i prepare to recode the files for burn it shuts down and goes back to the desktop. My version of RealPlayer is:

    RealPlayer (tm) (win 32) Version and my discs are: DVD-R.  Can you please help?

    Many thanks

    Emlyn Davies. 

  • Real CS


    Can you please let us know the following information:

    1. Please go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Real\RealPlayer.
    2. Right click on videodl and click Properties and then the Details tab.

    Please provide us with the version number you see there.

    Could you also provide us with a sample URL that you are trying to download?

  • Real CS


    Can you please let us know what format these videos clips are in? It is possible those are formats that are not compatible with RealPlayer or may have certain codecs that are not compatible with RealPlayer.

    Here are some solutions.

    1. Convert your MP4 video that you are burning (that closes RealPlayer) to either MP4 again or WMV using RealConverter.
    2. Burn the converted video and let me know if you still see the error message.


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