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Downloading Youtube



  • Patricia holland

    I have mcaffee security.  I turned off firewall and virus.  I restarted computer but my version of real player is still not updated.  Windows serucity says macaffee is my protection.  I cannot get realplayer to update to  2023.2.17.0.  I have restarted several times and followed all instrucdtions in email.  Cannot get update.

  • null null

    Patricia, I am having the same problem. 
    Can't download any music from YouTube and trying to do an update but realplayer site isn't offering it.

  • RN Support

    Please follow these additional steps to resolve your issue.

    1. Open a Windows folder
    2. Go to C:\ProgramData\Real\RealUpgrade
    3. Delete all the files in this folder (Caution: Please make sure you are deleting these files correctly and not any other files in a different folder)
    4. Restart PC.
    5. Follow the 3 steps we originally provided again.
    6. Restart PC once more. (This should update the videodl)

    If the issue still persists, please let us know.

    Please note: RealPlayer v.18 or older versions have reached End of Life support. Please upgrade to RealPlayer 22.

  • Joan Baez

    I did this, and I can download .07 mbps?????? God DAMN this company SUCKS!

  • RN Support

    We have noticed today (28th February, 2023) that certain websites have started to throttle the download speeds. We don't control how these websites control their content. However, our engineering team is looking into it. 

    At this time, there is very little we can do but we will update this page with more information as we have. Stay tuned!

    Please click this link to get updates about slow download speeds.

  • RN Support

    Joan, try a different downloader program, you will notice that the speeds are slow there as well.

  • Joan Baez

    Yeah, meaning it's a YOU problem, trying to blame someone else and avoid any responsibility, as always.  


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