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freezing while downloading



  • RN Support

    How much of disk space is left in your C drive? Also, can you please change the download path (for testing purpose) to a folder on your Desktop and try downloading multiple videos? Can you please let us know if your laptop still freezes this way?

  • Ron Abramson

    There is 280 Gig free space left on a 500 gig C: Drive.

    Changing to a desktop folder makes no difference.

    What I do notice is any open (not minimized) program responds fine. 

    It is just trying to access anything from the taskbar that does not respond. Even when the program is open, if it is minimized or not open yet it is not accessible.  

    If I ctrl/alt/del sign-out, sign back in everything is accessible. 

  • RN Support

    Thank you providing the additional information. We sent you an email. Please respond to it.


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