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Lost Music

Hello, how are you? My name is Suzy Martin. I Purchased music from Real Player Plus and music that I transferred from my I tunes account. My email was ********. Password fro att: *******. Those  are my last to email addresses I lost music under.That music is, was very dear to me. I had videos and everything under that Real Player Account. I see Real Player put a few of my songs back in my Real Player Library. Please assist me in putting all my lost music back in the library. I want go Premium again, as I did like Premium access usage on my Real Player Account. At this point, I am afraid to purchase and utilize Real Player Premium again. As I lost to much music. Please try to assist me in this matter. My phone number: ***********. Thank you so very much, Suzy Martin        My new email address is ********

Suzy Martin

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When you add a file to the RealPlayer Library, it is never copied or moved, its location is simply noted so that RealPlayer can find the file and play it back. You can re-import the missing clips (music or video) as long as they have not been deleted from your hard drive. To import files to RealPlayer library follow this article:

Note: I wanted to let you know that we have edited your original post to remove your email address and phone number to protect your privacy. We do recommend that you refrain from posting personal information in a public Community forum.

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