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Can't recontact community to clarify answer.

Community answer to my question about accessing the free 2gb of free cloud space starts out with "access your PC Library".  I don't see or have anything called a "PC Library" nor know what that is, so the remaining parts of the answer are meaningless.  How to upload/download is standard stuff I already know.  The problem is "getting started" with no PC Library to access, whatever or wherever that is.

Also I clearly described that I have no smart phone or any other screen swiping type device, only a standard computer.  No possible way to swipe the RealPlayer command line logo since I can't find a way to download RealPlayer without installing a lot of other software along with it.  Also I need a version that works with XP.   Generally, I appear cut-off from using RealPlayer which I did for years. 

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You can download RealPlayer 16 on Windows XP from the link below.

After re-evaluating market trends, we have decided not to make RealTimes/RealPlayer Cloud available on Windows XP or Vista.

Please be aware that we are no longer making updates to RealPlayer Cloud, RealPlayer 16, or older versions, so we cannot guarantee that Download This Video will work when those versions are installed.

To know more on this, please click the below link:

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