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Download and record plugin prevents youtube videos being viewed in full screen

In YouTube, if I choose the Full Screen option, I get the following pop-up: "Internet explorer has stopped working".  If I press cancel on this pop-up, the same pop-up appears again. 

If I press cancel again, the video resumes, but not in full screen mode - instead, my internet explorer favourites tab (which I keep open) has closed, and there is a banner at the bottom which says  "A problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close and re-open this tab".  Pressing the full screen option now just brings up the original pop-up again.

I tried disabling add-ons, and discovered that if I disable just the Realplayer Download and Record Plug-in, the problem goes away and YouTube videos play in full screen first time, with no pop-up.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium, Internet Explorer 11, and the latest Adobe Flashplayer installed.

I don't want to have to disable the download and record feature permanently - do you have any suggestions?


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