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Burned DVD Playback



  • RN Support

    This is happening because of certain video files that you have. We have identified and should be releasing a fix to resolve this slanting playback. In the meanwhile, you can follow these instructions to resolve your DVD burn issue as a workaround.

    1. Open RealPlayer

    2. Select the video(s) you want to burn and right click from the Library and choose Edit --> Convert

    3. RealConverter will open up. Choose MP4 as your "Convert To" and click Start

    Use the newly created MP4 video to burn to your DVD. 

    If the issue persists, please note that our next release will have this fixed. Don't have an ETA on when the next release will be but it should happen pretty soon.


  • null null

    I tried converting it as you advised and burned the newly created MP4 video to dvd ( it was already MP4) but that did not change anything. It is still slanted and black and white.

    Thanks for your help

  • null null

    By the way, it does this on any and all video's downloaded from any site on youtube.

  • RN Support

    Ok, since the workaround didn't help, we request you to wait until our next release. It is currently being implemented but is going through a lot of testing before it is released. We will email you once the issue is resolved. 

  • Philip Lansdown

    This happens with videos in 480 HD video quality. Higher quality videos, 720 and above will burn without issue.

    As you download a video using Real Downloader, check the video quality on the right side of the downloader box.

    If it is in 480 then you will need to convert it to WMV not MP4. 

    Right click on your video, select EDIT, then select CONVERT, and choose WMV in the 'convert to' box at the bottom.

    Burn the converted file to DVD and it will be full colour and normal.


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