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. This is #5 of issues

 I've written 4 times so yesterday I got rid of my old computer and got a much better one yet your app is the only one not working! I wrote about your converter messing with the pictures and a video just playing green and MP4 video's coming out black or some messed up picture, not the one in the picture!Then I went to youtube trying to get some to come out so I had 5 or 6 copies of songs. I couldn't erase 1 because at least twice I lost everything in the C and F section. I had trouble trying to take a video from my library then dragging it over only to have it drag everything with it so I had to remove, one at a time, everything until I got to the one song I wanted. That's why I got a new computer yesterday. I saw you said you'd corrected that problem but then you said to go to Internet Explorer which was replaced by Microsoft Edge so maybe you need a new computer too? Well, now here I am and I opened my library and there's 1 song plus one I downloaded today plus everything in the private section is gone I was bitchin before how I'd lost video's from 15+ years ago but now I won't have to worry about getting rid of duplicates! Two weeks ago I was able to burn a cd and a dvd but then everything took a dump! In youtube if you download something that's not a song it downloads but apparently youtube is messing with you guys. I have another website that drops down the orange colored box with the picture and it downloads fine. I think that's what you need to do for youtube? That blue box is a piece of crap. Also, my photo's have a bunch missing. somewhere between my old computer and this one everything is gone! This is 2 weeks I've been waiting to burn a dvd but what with the trouble of trying to burn, trying to convert, whole sections of songs disappearing I've gotten nowhere! If you want to improve your system make it so I can choose what format I want to download in, MP4 then you won't need to convert anything and all the problems that's created! I can't even start reloading songs because of that messed up blue box. I asked before what the difference there was between the two, hoping that one would download in MP4. I know you use MP3 for cd's so what's all that other crap for? Now you want everyone to download onto RealMedia? But it says somewhere that you can't play them anywhere but on RealPlayer which is worthless! I don't know what I did today but in preferences those 2 videos don't show what they're downloaded in, the format. I'm not happy at all with your company so it'd be wonderful if you could get your problems fixed! Lastly, why don't you have a tech number or at least an e-mail so you could respond with an answer not just me sitting here scratching my head with no solutions!

Dennis Foley

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We sent you an email requesting to take it offline. We have not heard back from you. Please reply to our email and we will take it from there.


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