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I can not download videos from U-Tube, "unable to Download Video"

So my question is what do I do to rectify this problem? I have done every thing suggested and nothing works. I am a long time customer and never had this problem in a very long time. So can you help me? or should I try another company who claims they can download U-Tube videos. Please tell me what you can do even if you say NOTHING we can do would be appreciated. So I can stop wasting my time messing with this problem. Thank you for your time, August Calderaro Jr

719-238-2196 Gunnison Colorado

August Calderaro

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These are the possible reasons you are seeing "Unable to download video" message.

1. Incorrect installation of RealPlayer or older version of RealPlayer.

2. Firewall program is blocking Downloader.

3. Older version of Web browser.

To correct the first reason, please follow the instructions from the below link to resolve your issue.

Please note: If you have any playlists created, you will have to recreate them.

If the issue still persists, please let us know if you have any firewall program installed.

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