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Downloader Bar Does Not Close-Continues Running

This is one more to add to the list of many problems I've encountered with Real Player.  With all due respect, I need to find a replacement for this awful program. Not only does RP slow the entire computer process, it causes multiple problems including freezing the system.  Lovely.

I already disabled RP through the Task Manager from automatically running and disabled it in the startup because I don't want it running in the background until I actually need to use it. I checked the Preferences in RP and the Task Mgr to confirm the settings remain as I programmed. Unfortunately, now another problem has arisen. 

After downloading a video using the downloader function I exit out of the downloader box, and also the RP Library (if opened for any reason).  All RP windows get closed out when finished. However, even after going through the motions of closing the program, it isn't closing. It continues to run in the background. In fact, not only does it continue to run, the box title bar that says, "Exit RealPlayer Downloader" continues to display on my desktop. Just the bar title. Lovely.  Isn't this a lovely program?

I've disabled RP from running in the background yet it seems to have a mind of its own and continues to run anyway, despite being closed. GRRR.  I'm disgusted over how a functionally-lousy program can continue to exist. Anyone in their right mind would junk this. (Guess I need to have my head examined.)

Meanwhile, I opened the Task Manager and discovered that the program is indeed running ALL the time. I took several screenshots showing the program actively running under the Processes, Details, Services, and the StartUp also shows  disabled. The following processes are currently running, not just the Downloader:

  • recording manager.exe,
  • realdownloader264.exe,
  • rpdsvc.exe;
  • rpsystray.exe;
  • RealPlayerUpdateSvc.exe (even though disabled).

The only way to close the program is to kill it through the Task Manager. How insane!

If I am at fault, I'll be the first to admit it and apologize for my criticism but right now, after checking and double checking my settings, I can't find anything to determine that this is user-error.

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We are sorry that you are having issues even if you have disabled RealPlayer and its related components. However, let us explain that though you have disabled all RealPlayer components in the start up, if you open RealPlayer for any action like downloading videos, converting, trimming or playback reasons, the related component processes will start running. 

If we misunderstood your post, we can take this offline. Please let us know.

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