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Need help with 2 RealPlayer on 2 different laptops please

Hi i have the free version of Realplayer on both my Laptops...The videos i download on each laptop into the Realplayer signed into my account are available only on the Laptop realplayer i was using when i downloaded...Is there a way to have all videos from both laptops on the Realplayer in my account ? ...Hope i explained this correctly ....Any help would be appreciated ...thank you in advance 

Mark Ruggiere

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This is not possible with RealPlayer free version. The solution for you would be to use our Cloud subscription. You can upload all your videos to the Cloud and can access them across devices and you can also use a web browser to access these videos anywhere in the world.

We have 2 storage plans, 25GB and 100GB plans. We do have monthly and yearly plans.

Hope this helps.

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