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issue with the new 2020 reaplayer

After paying $43.00 more for the features of 2020 RealPlayer, I downloaded it and then the trouble started. My original music files in my realplayer library disappeared. i was able to retrieve only one third of my music files that can only be displayed in burn and not in music. Since i downloaded 2020, the activity center keeps searching, searching, searching and it is still searching. That is too weird. 

solomon sipply

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It appears that something went wrong with the installation that may have corrupted the library database. To resolve your issue, please "over-install" RealPlayer by going to Over-install simply means installing RealPlayer over the existing RealPlayer. When you go through the installation process, you will be prompted that RealPlayer is already installed, simply proceed with the installation when prompted.

If the issue persists, please let us know.

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