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RealPlayer v18

I have redo my PC due to WMP not working right with getting my Album cover's.. An I had RealPlayer v16 back in 2013 an now I have updated to RealPlayer v18 an when I notice with the missing Album cover's in WMP that's when I decided to take WMP off my computer an get RealPlayer back cause I know how to do the stuff that I need to do.. An now I have notice that RealPlayer v18 will only play some of my MP3 an not the other's an I keep getting this:



 A General Error has occurred.

file://C:\Users\username\Music\MP3\Artist Name\Album Name\Song Title.mp3

More information is available at the RealNetworks

Customer Support Website.


When I click on More Infor I get this 



 Unable to contact Technical Support for further information.

More information is available at the RealNetworks

Customer Support Website.


When I click on More Info it take's me to this 


I need help getting my RealPlayer v18 to play all my music..


Please help

Anthony Brun

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RealPlayer should play all the MP3s. Would you be able send us a sample MP3 file that is not playing?

To send us a file up to 1 GB in size, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to
2. You will see instructions for attaching the file. Choose the file you want to send us.
3. In the "to" section, enter "gsharma".
4. In the box below, enter your email address and/or ticket number, along with a brief note about the issue (just a sentence is fine).
5. Click Send.

We will review the file(s). If for some reason we have difficulty receiving the file, we will let you know.

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