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I use Ubuntu! WHat veraion of "real" can serve?

People, after getting a late start, I left SF Zen Center to be *something*....  I had a scholarship to Berkrlry and used it. After [ick] 3 years as a contractor, I found work in WI at Cray Research.  But Seymour evidently despised Steve Chen, and let several go.  Bored?  Apologies.  I do okay for a guy in his mid-70's. 

I'm looking for a way to install REAL on my Ubuntu Linux.  When we lived in Chippewa Falls for 8 winters, we eventuslly left.  {Apologies; my typing is crap.  I am afflicted by a form of dystonia. )  I need any vers of RealPlayer tht will work. 


tx much.

gary kline,, since 1986.




Gary Kline

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RealPlayer currently only works with Windows. We don't have a version that works with Ubuntu or any other operating systems.

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