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Need to export music!



  • RN Support

    Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us. We have forwarded your feedback to the product team. Your insights and opinions will help us in our ongoing efforts to enhance our products and services.

    That said, all of your music is actually stored in your PC's hard disk. You can go directly to the folder that contains your audio files and transfer them to a Cloud service of your choice.

  • Bruce Gibbons

    Thanks for replying.

    As I said, (but was not clear enough in explaining), the player does a job far better than any other app in inserting metadata. When music files are purchased on the web they are quite often missing some metadata detail which is essential in organizing them into groups, trying to insert data or using third-party apps to do it is frustrating and complicated, your player's ability to do this would make it worth paying for just for that feature.

    When files are stored in the cloud, (in my case Google Drive), and there is a large collection of high-quality HD music downloads, when retrieved from the cloud the data which was inserted using other apps is often once again missing, making sharing with others or retrieving after a computer malfunction a big hassle. Yes, the files are on the hard drive but minus much of the required data.

    There are ads for Real Player which say there is a plan which provides unlimited cloud storage, but nowhere can I see any detail of the price, etc. If it were possible to move the music directly to Real Player cloud and keep the metadata, and you had a reasonably priced cloud option for about 100GB worth of storage, I expect that would be very attractive to music lovers.

    In short, I believe the music side of the player's features is undermarketed, I only recently discovered the player's ability, having experimented for years with the very many other music players available, I wish I knew earlier of the player's abilities but it is not mentioned in any marketing I have seen.

  • RN Support

    Thank you for your writing back. Our Cloud storage only supports storing videos and photos. It is not compatible with audio files. 


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