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Realplayer aborts burning audio CD,



  • Marty Harrison

    Having the same problem as above, Gone thru all the set up to burn cd and once I hit "BURN" it aborts the burn but the burner spins up to high speed and WILL NOT stop unless i restart computer.   THIS COULD BURN UP THE BURNER!    I've tried going thru all the setting 10 or more times and I cleaned the lens. 

     PROBLEM is with in REALPLAYER as Windows medai works fine.    I prefer Realplayer !


    Hello. I continue to get the error message when burning a DVD: END OF FILE: ERROR PARSING AC3 AUDIO STREAM. Can anyone please help? Thank you.

  • RN Support


    This particular error shows up if the codecs in the videos you are burning are not compatible with RealPlayer. Please use RealConverter to convert the files to MP4 and burn the converted MP4s. Even if the video was originally in MP4 format, converting to MP4 using RealConverter will ensure that the file is with compatible codecs.

  • RN Support


    All of your description tells that you are having more of a hardware problem than a software issue. 

  • RN Support

    It is quite possible your CD burner's lens is dirty or corrupted or something wrong with the disk itself. Before we assume it to be a hardware issue, please reinstall RealPlayer and see if that fixes the issue. 


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