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Better Business Bureau

BBB needs to be aware of how I paid for a service and being told that if I reconnect it I will not be able to use all of the old features such as "download this video" which was being used when I had your service for free. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to see about either getting my money back or suing. You guys pushed the Plus and I paid for it and now you tell me I will not be able to use all of it's features. Is this a bait and switch ove on your parts to sucker people into getting your "newer" versions of whatever comes out that year?

I am not pleased with this and will pursue legal actions if necessary.


Richard Upshaw

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I understand your concern, however, I want to reiterate that we are no longer making any updates to RealPlayer Cloud, RealPlayer 16, or prior versions, so some features (such as Download This Video) may not work on these versions.

As RealNetworks makes new products available to customers, it's not possible for us to continue supporting older products.

This is the reason we always recommend using our most current version, which you can download from The most current version is RealPlayer with RealTimes, available for customers on Windows 7 and higher (or Mac OS X 10.10 and higher).

You can always download the free version and utilize the download video feature which is free. 

If you need any help regarding the download video, please let us know.

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