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real player only downloading half the video on youtube


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  • RN Support

    We are not sure if YouTube is limiting anything. You don't have to upgrade to download a video however, upgrading will give you more download options. That said, can you please clarify what you mean by half video? Does it stop downloading halfway or it downloads but plays only a part of the video?

    Can you please send me a sample URL (Web link) of the video you are downloading?

  • Jim Lira

    Okay, when I select DL video it will record the full length of the file with half the sound/video blacked out. Sure enough, after posting this comment I upgraded to realplayer plus or whatever BS they wanted and BOOM...first video records all the material. Just like I's a scam. There's no other logical reason for it to have done that and it did it when my "Upgrade" ran out from the previous year.

  • RN Support

    Upgrading to Plus won't make any difference. Upgrading to Plus will only give you additional benefits with the downloader but as a free user one should be able to download the full video with both audio and video. That said, it would really help if you could share the sample URL of the video you had trouble with so we can test it and see where the problem is.


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