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freeze ups, not working properly

Recently when I open Realplayer either regularly or as 'run as administrator" it will open but freezes instantly. I have to start the task manager to close it.

I can go to my videos in my computer library and right click 'open with', choose realplayer and it will play the video. I can then click on my library, and most other functions. The second I click on burn, it freezes. Again the task manager is needed to close. Other times any function request will automatically freeze it.

I have uninstalled and re-installed countless times already. By the way, your support could use an email or phone number. Both numbers that I tried either disconnect or don't give proper help guidelines. Very bad customer service!

Jose Dasilva

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We don't offer phone support anymore. The below instructions are slightly different that the regular re installation.

Please follow the instructions from the below link to resolve your issue.

Please note: If you have any playlists created, you will have to recreate them.

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