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Re-installing Real Player

I can re-install Real Player but can not copy web videos.  I get a message "The program can't start because:   cpprest140_2_8.dll is missing from your computer. Try re-installing the program to fix this problem.   I have tried this many times and it does not correct the situation.  I have completely emptied my "temp" files and that did not help either.

How do I get this fixed? 


Thank you.

Tymmy Welton

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Please clean uninstall RealPlayer and reinstall it using the alternative (full) installation file. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Uninstall RealPlayer. Here is how: 
2. Delete the RealPlayer application folders. Here is how: 
3. Install RealPlayer by running the alternative installation file. Here is how to proceed:

- Go to: and download RealPlayer.
- Run the downloaded installation file and wait until the following window appears and close it ( see screenshot 1).
- Click the "Alternate Installer.." button. This will download the full installation file, which is larger (see screenshot 2).
- Run the downloaded full installation file and follow the steps to install RealPlayer.


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