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playing \video_ts with .ifo, .bup, and .vob files


I have a DVD (not copyright protected) from which I have copied the contents to my hard drive.  The contents include two folders - one named \AUDIO_TS and the other named \VIDEO_TS.  The \VIDEO_TS folder includes files with the extension .IFO, .BUP, and several with the extension .VOB.  

I would like to be able to play this video from its location on my hard-drive without requiring the actual DVD.  I just downloade/installed the free version of realplayer.  In Realplayer, I have tried to open each of these files (.IFO, .BUP, and .VOB) and then clicked "Play", but with each filetype, RealPlayer crashes.  

I was wondering if anyone can tell me (1) am I doing something wrong or does RealPlayer just not support the video format I am trying to play.  Also, (2) would the premium version of Realplayer allow me to do what I want.  And if not (3) is there any other software that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Kraemer

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hi Paul, first i wanna know you how to copy DVD into two contents. I have not done it before. According to  your description, i did not find any mistake. A DVD folder, also called video_ts and audio_ts, is used for containing all the DVD's video data and playback information. i viewed a passage that helps convert DVD folder to mp4 or other formats, such as mkv, avi. if you are interested in it, here is the link: well, hope my sharing is useful.

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RealPlayer does not support ripping, or burning a copy of, a copy-protected (commercially-produced) DVD disc. DVDs created on a home computer can generally be copied. 

  1. Insert the DVD.
  2. Click CD/DVD.
  3. Click the DVD that is inserted.
  4. Select More -> Save Tracks.
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