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Unable to download music videos from web link.

Since the recent critical update, music videos will not now download from the web-link. When you copy the link and try to download - the box just disappears and nothing happens. I have tried other YouTube videos and this function works ok and only seems to affect music videos.

Are you aware of this problem and can it be overcome? Any help would be most appreciated, Thanks.

I haven't been able to do any downloads for weeks. May have to cancel and find a service that works.

Keith A Quarm

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The "No videos to download on this page" message often means that the video (or the website) is incompatible with our downloader for Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox*. Our Download This Video feature is designed to work with most popular video websites. However, it does not support sites where you need to login to watch a video.  

To test if the issue is with the particular video or website, try downloading this video:

If you still see the "No videos to download on this page" message, RealDownloader needs to be restarted:

1. Click the arrow icon near the bottom right of your monitor screen to open the system tray.

2. Click the RealPlayer icon.

3. Select Restart RealDownloader.

Then, close and re-open your browser. You should be able to download videos again.

If the test download works, then you may be able to download your desired video either by using Internet Explorer or the RealPlayer browser.

In RealPlayer 18:

  1. Open RealPlayer.
  2. Click the RealPlayer Logo (at the top left corner).
  3. Go to File.
  4. Then select Open.
  5. Type the web address and then choose a video.
  6. Once the video plays, move your mouse over the upper-right corner of the video.
  7. The Download This Video button will appear. Click it to begin downloading.
  8. If the Download This Video button is not enabled, right-click on the video and then select the Download This video option.

*NOTE FOR FIREFOX USERS: The new version of the Firefox browser allows users to customize where the elements at the top of the browser appear. If you have customized your browser to move any other element (such as the search) to the left of the address bar (where you type in a URL), then the new Download This Video drop-down button will not find any videos to download. The solution is to move the address bar back to the left. 

We have identified an issue with the latest version of Firefox (Version 53.0) where ‘Download This Video’ dropdown button will not find videos to download. We are actively working on fixing this issue. Until such time, please use Internet Explorer browser to download videos.

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