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Upgrade to Realplayer 18


I haven't used Realplayer for a while. I have just downloaded the latest version but when I enter my account details my email address is unknown.

My most recent order number is 4006075044 from 28 April 2014 for Realplayer 16.

My question is why has my account disappeared and can I upgrade to the latest Realplayer version now that I'm using Windows 10.


Jean Elliott

Jean Elliott

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On checking our records, I see that you have purchased RealPlayer Plus 16. Customers who purchased RealPlayer 16 Plus can continue to enjoy their Plus features at no extra charge when we released RealPlayer Cloud but in the new RealTimes these features are available only with a Premium or Unlimited subscription. Therefore you are unable to access the Plus features like burning DVD.

If you wish to upgrade to RealTimes, please click the RealPlayer or RealPlayer Cloud logo in the upper left of your player and select "Check for Update."

If you wish to reinstall RealPlayer Cloud follow the below link:

Before installing RealPlayer Cloud, make sure you uninstall (alone) any existing version of RealTimes by following the link:

After downloading the free version, sign in to access the Plus features of the player: To do so click the link below:

If you forget your password, please click this link:

Note: Please be aware that we are no longer making any updates to RealPlayer Cloud or RealPlayer 16, and popular features such as Download This Video may not work on these versions. Therefore, we strongly recommend using RealTimes.​

If you have any additional questions, please let us know.​

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