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Capturing a screen from video

How can I capture a paused screen and save it as a picture

Steve Greene

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You can follow the below instructions to trim a image from a video file and save it as a picture:

- Open RealTimes
- Select a video in your Library (one that is on your PC, not only in RealCloud). In the taskbar at the bottom of the player, click More > Trim
- RealTimes Trimmer will now open. Find the frame you want. You can use the following selection methods together or separately.

  • Use the cursor to grab the handle and move it to the section you want.
  • Click Play to play the video. Click again to pause it.
  • Use the cursor to grab the playhead or the time marker and move it to fast-forward or reverse through the video.


  • Move the cursor over the video. Click Save Picture.
  • A Windows "Save As" dialog opens. Name the photo and choose a save location.


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