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just done up graded to windows 10

just done up graded to windows 10 and its saying this version is not supported and to do a up date but I'm om reralplayer sppluss and its trying to down grade me to rbasic real player with realtimes ive had my real player for about 12 to 15 years don't understand please help thank you ive had lots of diferent email over the years had to use my google mail as changed provider and cant remember all log in such a pain sorry to be a pain Michael Cardiff  my orriganal email year ago was when it was dial up shows how long would have been a aol in your system thank you for your time have a great weekend

micky cardiff

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As RealNetworks makes new products available to customers, it is not possible to continue supporting legacy and historic products, including RealPlayer SP. No email is available for these products. Product development has stopped, and no updates or security patches will be released for these product versions.

Many problems you might have using these older products can be resolved by upgrading to a current version, as long as your computer meets the current version's system requirements.

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