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Hello. I have the version for Windows Vista 32. You advocate reading an article on how to export my playlists:

I already followed the directions and now I have a copy of my playlists. If for some reason my computer crashes and I have to reinstall Windows and RealPlayer, in which folder should I place my copies so I can use my playlists again in the new installation?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Fabio Portilla








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You can copy the saved Playlist in a external storage and when you re-install Windows you need to paste the save playlist to your PC. But make sure the path of the songs specified in the playlist and the path of the songs stored are one and the same.

Because Realplayer doesn't store the original content of the songs but only the address/location of the songs. If the songs is renamed or moved from the previous location, playlist will not play the songs. In that case, you need to remove the file to the original location.

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