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My Real Player crashed removing the data in my playlists

I'm running Real Player Cloud Plus on Win 7.


My data base became corrupted and I had to reload my music. In so doing it deleted the info in my Playlist. Where is this data stored on my PC so I can get this information back?


I look forward to your answer.


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You can follow the below steps to retrieve the Playlist. 

1. Open \appdata\roaming\Real\RealPlayer
2. Copy “db” folder to desktop
3. Perform clean uninstall and re-install of RealPlayer Cloud by following the article:

4. Reimport all the media files
5. Open \appdata\roaming\Real\RealPlayer again
6. Rename the existing “db” folder as “db.old”
7. Copy the “db” folder from desktop into  \appdata\roaming\Real\RealPlayer
8. Open RealPlayer Cloud. Playlists will be back.

Note: Generally, if the playlist is deleted then it cannot be retrieved.

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