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Unbearably slow download speed, less than 1 Mbps lately. Download stops near end.


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    Real CS

    We have good news! Thank you for waiting patiently while we worked on fixing the slow download speeds. We updated RealDownloader so your downloads are faster. To update your RealDownloader, please follow these steps.

    1. Using Chrome, Firefox or Edge, go to and play any video and click the Downloader button. (This action will still show slow download speeds)
    2. Close all Windows
    3. Restart your PC (This will update your Downloader in the backend)

    Now try your video. If the issue persists, please let us know.

  • null null

    Same here download speed is unbearable. Unacceptable.

  • Real CS

    We have identified the slow download speeds. Our engineering team is looking into it. Unfortunately, we don't have a workaround at this time. We have added your email address to the list of affected users and we will email you as soon as the issue is identified & resolved.

  • parks king

    Ditto. Download speed is less than 0.40 Mbps. Waiting for fix.

  • Kurt Snyder

    Same here. Spend an hour watching that blue line moving across the screen at 4Mbs on a 2G file and just when it gets 95% done with less than 5Mbs left to go,FAILS and says cannot download. WTF was it doing for the last goddamn hour, knitting? Like goddamn Internet Explorer with the flying pages going from folder tofolder for 25 minutes just to get to 99% and says download failed.

  • Real CS

    We resolved this issue recently. Please follow the steps from the below link to fix your issue.

    Please note: We are not making any more bug fixes on RealPlayer v.18. As RealNetworks makes new products available to customers, it's not possible for us to continue supporting older products.


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