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Extremely slow download speed


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    Real CS

    We have good news! Thank you for waiting patiently while we worked on fixing the slow download speeds. We updated RealDownloader so your downloads are faster. To update your RealDownloader, please follow these steps.

    1. Using Chrome, Firefox or Edge, go to and play any video and click the Downloader button. (This action will still show slow download speeds)
    2. Close all Windows
    3. Restart your PC (This will update your Downloader in the backend)

    Now try your video. If the issue persists, please let us know.

  • Real CS

    We have identified the slow download speeds. Our engineering team is looking into it. Unfortunately, we don't have a workaround at this time. We have added your email address to the list of affected users and we will email you as soon as the issue is identified & resolved.

  • Ngoc Son Giang

    It happed about 1 week. From the speed 20-40 Mbps, now it is 0.36 Mpbs!

    I expect that your team will find out the solution. Thank you

  • David Brooks

    I have a solution to slow download speeds, cancel my subscription, because you are making excuses for years about this and not fixing the issue. I have 480 mbps down and 42 mbps up, and "realdown-er" 2020 worked fine till a couple of weeks ago, then slowed down, without Real admin IT engineering giving us a warning. You just lost my business!

  • April Larsen

    In the last week, downloading from YouTube has become extremely slow all of a sudden, which is evidently something they are working on.  However, I also am experiencing that once a long video comes to the end of downloading, it DOESN'T download and instead I get a message saying "unable to download"?  Why did it show it was downloading and then after a few hours of it showing it was downloading, doesn't actually download???????

  • April Larsen

    I added a channel subscription.  However, there doesn't seem to be anyway to select videos from the channel to download; instead there are only automatic downloads of new videos from the channel.  I don't see any way to view older videos and selectively download them.  Am I missing something?

  • Werner Brandstaeter

    I just bought the Plus version today and it's so slow. I only have a maximum download speed of between 0.32 - 0-45 Mbit/s. :-(


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