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Creating folders


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  • Real CS

    Here is how you do it.

    • First, create a folder in your PC where you want your videos to be downloaded to.
    • Open RealPlayer and click the RealPlayer logo from the top left and click "Download a video". (This will open the Downloader program)
    • Click the RealDownloader logo from the top left and click "Preferences"
    • You can now click "Browse" to choose the newly created folder.
    • Click OK to close this window.
    • Go back to RealPlayer and go to Preference.
    • On the right pane after selecting Library, click Add Folder and choose the newly created folder. (This will tell RealPlayer to look for any media files from that folder)
    • Click OK and close Preferences.

    Now, all your new downloaded videos will go to the newly created folder and show up in your library.


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