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Feeling shortchanged


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  • null null

    I have a similar problem.  Less than a year ago I paid $24.99 for a "one time" upgrad to RealPlayer Downloader Express to speed my downloads.  After they recently beat me to death with popups promoting their new upgrade I finally just installed it and now find my "one time" fast download upgrade no longer works and they want more money to pay for this feature that I already paid for.  I'd like to know how to go back to the previous version.

  • Terry Lewis

    The same thing has happened to me. I paid £17.50 (at a discounted price as a long time user) to upgrade (as I thought) but burning options on video and audio have now been disabled Some upgrade! I too had no problems with the previous version so how can I go back?

  • Michael Laidler

    I have the same issue, I paid $27.99 in September 2018 for the PLUS service, I then paid $ 27.99 in February 2022 for the same PLUS upgrade. I have then just paid $39.99 for what was described as the PREMIUM version but it turns out I have the same old PLUS service. How come i have to keep paying to upgrade to the latest version when nothing seems to change. If I've paid $39.99 + Tax for additional storage in the cloud then I want a refund of the last purchase and will rely on my uograde in February of this year for the PLUS features. Can anyone tell me if the $39.99 is only for the storage and I won't lose any of the PLUS features I already had. It says in my account that I have the PLUS versiion so maybe I,ve paid the $39.99 for nothing. I still want my money back.


  • james prater

    i have done the same as well, very disappointed as well. no fast download speed.  ;- {

  • Terry Lewis

    Further to my submission last week concerning the disablement of my burning facilities I am pleased to say that the issue has now been resolved. It appears that I purchased RealPlayer Express, which does not have burning options, when I should have purchased RealPlayer Plus which does have them. To give credit where it is due I will be given a refund with the option to purchase RealPlayer Plus at the discounted price. I have done so and I am now  able to burn Audio and DVD files again. Thank you, RealPlayer!

  • Dr Zoran Esteves

    I have bought life membership on 2007 and I lost my mebership just like that?!? somebody have decided to "change the rules" and thats it? you will louse more than you think, nobody will trust you anymore and nobody will pay for your product because there is no guarantee that you will not cancel already paid subscription! Shame on you Realplayer Team!


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