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Trouble with upgrade

I was asked if I want to upgrade to latest version.  I have had the Plus version for years.  I downloaded and found that I have RealPlayer 18....and read help section to select PLUS, which I have.   Now my question:  Do I have the premium features, it seems questionable, and to be fair, I haven't played with it much yet?   PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Also, all of my prior playlists are gone, or is there something else I need to do to retrieve them?  You did not let me know this would happen if indeed they don't remain after the update.  I am just a little bit more than irritated that this update was so aggravating.  I should know better because every time I update there has been a problem...

Michael Libke

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Please note that to be able to access your Plus account, you need to be signed in with the respective credentials. Please sign out and sign back in:

Note: To check if you have signed in to activate your Plus features, please follow the steps from this article:

As for the playlists - Unfortunately, it is not possible to restore missing playlists. However, you can easily re-create them. To learn how, please click on the link below:

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