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I moved and therefore my email provider changed, but I didn't change it in Real Player account.

I also purchased Premium and it does not show up when I log in.

I am able to log in under old email address, but when I attempt to add my new email, I am unable to do so because I must verify my old email address...I cannot get email from that address.

Old email: ******   new address: ********

Assistance required please. with changing email address and Premium purchased in late 2016 or early 2017.


Thank you

Diane Imfeld

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I have updated the email address on your Plus account (I set your new email as primary).

There's one more step: You should receive a separate email from us with a link to verify your new email address. Please click the link to complete this update process.

NOTE: To access your paid account, sign out and sign back in using the respective credentials (i.e. your email and your password). Here's how:

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