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I am trying to play online stream TV station in Czech Rep. Until 2 days ago, I had no problem. Sept. 18 - my old Real Player I've used for 3-4 years had disappeared from my PC and I stop being able to streamline the Czech TV/ OnlineTV1 as I used to. I tried to upload the real player again from their website( how I got it before), and after 3rd try, it finally uploaded the player. However, when I sign in  to their website, then click on the program I want to listen to, I get a message:  you do not have the necessary user permittion to enable Auto Update.

Also: when trying to reach Real Networks Cust.Support Website, I get-

         Auto-update NO PLUG-IN available.

I am trying to help my sister, Eva to get this fixed on her PC, therefore, I would appreciate it very much to get some steps and ideas? She doesn't speak English and I can do this only, if the steps are very clear and without a PC specialist jargon language, since I am not that experienced in PC's, especially, fixes. Thank you very much, Hana       My sister Eva cannot read nor speak English and we do not live together,

                 PLEASE: Send any responses in this matter to my e-mail:


Eva Pchalek

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Listening to live stations were discontinued with the launch of RealPlayer 18 (RealTimes) in February 2016, as the product's focus has shifted more to video.

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