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Can't Burn DVDs With New RealPlayer 18 Account


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  • Virgilio

    A) Re-install RealPlayer as described below:

    B) After re-installing the program, make sure the file you want to burn can be played with RealPlayer. Try to burn only one playable file.

    C) If the issue persists, convert the file to wmv format format and try to burn the converted file. Here is how to do it:

    D) If none of the above has helped, please provide the following information:

    1- Are you able to play the file with image and sound?

    2- What is the format of the file. Right-click on the file and choose Details to see the format.

    3- Are you able to convert the file?

  • timothy rookey

    I tried all the suggestions for burning DVDs in Real Player 18 that are shown below. No matter what I do, when I try burning a DVD I get a message either that Real Player burn system not initialized, no compatible device or system error occurred or simply, Unknown File Type. I have uninstalled the system and made sure there were no folders out there. Then reinstalled with no success in burning DVDs. Each time I've tried to burn them with the free download Real Player 15, I have no problem burning them.

    Real Player is supposed to allow telephone contact in some special cases. My case should be one of them. Otherwise I should just tell Paypal to get a refund for me of the $25 I paid for Real Player 18 and find myself a different provider. I've worked on this for many hours and am super frustrated! It's impossible to get through to the corporate headquarters. Real Player has little respect for their customers. They need to assist me as soon as possible. My phone number is (608) 218-1303 and I expect a call from a Real Player agent if they want to keep my business and avoid very negative feedback from me.


  • Virgilio

    1- Install the K-Lite codec and then try to burn again:

    Restart the computer and try to burn your files.

    2- If the issue persists, convert one file to wmv format format and try to burn ONLY the converted file. Here is how to do it:

    3- Let me know if the converted file can be burned.

    Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer phone support.


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