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How to download all youtube videos in playlist in one go?


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  • Commento ufficiale

    Sorry for the delay.

    Unfortunately, this feature is not available in RealPlayer Downloader - I'm sorry for any disappointment this may cause. You can only download multiple videos by clicking on each of them one by one.

  • Viswanathan S

    Once you download videos from youtube, it will saved in the saved file location which will show in the RealPlayer PC llibrary. Then you have to create a playlist from the PC library. 

    To know more on how to create playlists in RealPlayer, visit 

  • Bibhash Roy

    I am not talking about creating a playlist in realplayer but downloading a youtube playlist. It's quite easy to do in tools like freemake where you just paste the playlist link.

    So how can I do similar thing with realdownloader in realplus


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