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DVD burning issue


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  • Viswanathan S

    I've sent a message to the email address associated with your account. Please check your email inbox.

  • null null


    i have wasted 4 discs now keep getting "DEVICE ERROR SENSE CODE (03 22 01)"   ?????????????

    When burning goes on and on with a loud sound and then this message pops up when burning, then message and the disc is useless cant use gain

    Can you tell me what this means ?  i cant even see this wording on real or the net ???   seems strange

    Can you help, not going to try anymore till i know what this means

  • Real CS

    This error indicates that you have a hardware error. Either the disks or your DVD drive is causing the failure. 

  • Dhanifu Kumbufu

    I have the yearly All Access Premium plan so that I can burn dvds, but I am finding that I still cannot burn any dvds, even though I have already allowed RealPlayer to download video burning support software to my computer. I have already paid for RealPlayer 20/20 Plus and it has worked out fine me so far, but if my paying for a yearly plan is not going to translate into a substantive service, then I will have to take this issue to an agency get this problem of a fraudulent service resolved.

  • Real CS


    Can you please let us know what error you get when you burn videos to a DVD? The error message will indicate where and what the problem is.


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