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Trim a video

From your instructions:

How to trim a video

How do I edit a video to make it shorter?

  1. Select a video in your Library (one that is on your PC, not only in RealCloud). In the taskbar at the bottom of the player, click More > Trim.
    1. RealTimes Trimmer opens your video.

There is no taskbar with MOre on any video I have selected either on the border or at the bottom of the player.  How do I find it?

Reece Stein

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Hello Reece,

in order the option 'More' to appear in the taskbar at the bottom of the player, you have to make sure that you've selected a video in your RealPlayer PC Library (one that is not only in RealCloud).


1. Open RealPlayer

2. Click on Library>PC(or All)>Videos 

3. Select the desired video and click the option 'More'>Trim 

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