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I can't download videos


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    RN Support

    With regards to the inability to download videos, we were able to identify the root cause and our engineering team was able to resolve it. To be able to download videos again, please follow these steps.

    1. Attempt to download any video of your choice (You will still have the same error).
    2. Simply restart your computer.
    3. Upon restarting your computer, the Downloader will be updated in the backend and your downloads should start working.
    If the issue still persists, please let us know.


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  • RN Support

    can you please let us know the following information:

    Please go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Real\RealPlayer.
    Right click on videodl and click Properties and then the Details tab.

    Please provide us with the version number you see there.

    Could you also provide us with a sample URL that you are unable to download and the web browser you are using? Lastly, what version of RealPlayer and Windows do you have installed?

  • Darren England

    File version & product version are both 2022.10.6.0

    I've tried other videos as well.  I tried in Brave, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.  A couple of weeks ago I tried downloading and had no problem. 

    I've got Realplayer version & I am using Win11.  Also, I couldn't connect my Realtimes account with Google.  Google blocked the app

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    Deve ser incompatibilidade gerada pela atualizaçao do proprio Real Player ou o YouTube simplesmente identificou por algorítimo e bloqueou. Não entendo pq alguem do próprio aplicativo na entra aqui na comunidade pra fixar uma mensagem informativa. Descaso!

  • Brent Huntsman

    Yes I Have not been able to download videos for about a week It worked fine before that

    I Have V 2022 10.6.0 The Latest Version of Real Player

    I even tried a restart and that did not help

  • RN Support

    Update! We have resolved the download speed issue. Please click the below link to learn more.

  • Brent Huntsman

    I am able to get to the screen where it lets me choose the quality I want but when I click download nothing happens. The Real downloader is open

    I have latest version of realplayer and have restarted my computer and it still does not work

  • RN Support

    Brent, we sent you an email. Please respond to that.


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