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DVD playback


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  • RN Support

    Have you signed into RealPlayer? Signing into RealPlayer will activate your Plus features. If you were already signed in, simply sign out and sign back in.

    If the issue persists, please let us know what happens when you play DVDs. Any error messages?

  • Terry Lewis

    Thank you for your reply. I did as you suggested (signed out then back in) but still no playback. There are no error messages but when the DVD goes to RealPlayer for playback a message comes up that says RealPlayer needs to install software to enable playback but then is unable to install such software. The DVD file shows that it is a BUP file even though the DVD I am using is a commercial one. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Terry Lewis

    Success! I have solved the no-playback problem I was having. FYI , I opened a new folder (imaginatively called dvd folder) so when the DVD title appears in the file explorer programme I drag it into the new dvd folder and Hey Presto! it seems to work.


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