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Realdownloader still not working


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  • RN Support

     Please check if there is a download path. If there is none, RealPlayer won't know where to download the video and it would fail. To check, please follow these steps.

    1. Open RealPlayer.
    2. Click the RealPlayer logo from the top left and click Download a Video. (RealPlayer Downloader window will open).
    3. Click the logo from the top left and click Preferences.
    4. In the "Save local video to" please make sure there is a path. If it is blank, click Browse and select Videos folder.
  • serge Blain

    Did this, still fails

  • RN Support

    Please follow these additional steps to resolve your issue.

    1. Open a Windows folder
    2. Go to C:\ProgramData\Real\RealUpgrade
    3. Delete all the files in this folder (Caution: Please make sure you are deleting these files correctly and not any other files in a different folder)
    4. Restart PC.
    5. Follow the 3 steps we originally provided again.
    6. Restart PC once more. (This should update the videodl)

    Additionally, we have noticed today (28th February, 2023) that certain websites have started to throttle the download speeds. We don't control how these websites control their content. However, our engineering team is looking into it. 

    At this time, there is very little we can do but we will update this page with more information as we have. Stay tuned!

    Please click this link to get updates about slow download speeds.

  • Claire DeMarco

    For a brief moment yesterday, the download prompt appeared.  I went to youtube to download - same story.  went to facebook. same story.   Inability to download.

    I don't understand the above instructions.

    1 What does this mean?   open a new window folder?

    2.  When you say go to C://Programe/Data/Real/RealUpgrade. are you assuming that C://PrograrmData/Real/RealUpgrade already exists or is one to create that?

    3.  If I find it and I haven't yet, you indicate that I should delete all the files in the folder.  What do you mean about deleting those files correctly and not other files in a different folder.  What different folder?  What are the file names one should delete?

    I am totally confused.

    And if I would by some miracle get to step 6, what is the videodl? Is that video downloader?


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