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Real Player 20/20 video downloader malfunction


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    Real CS

    We identified the problem regarding the inability to download videos from YouTube and fixed it now. YouTube made some changes on their end so it broke our Downloader's compatibility. Here is what you should do to update the Downloader.

    1. Using Chrome, Firefox or Edge, go to and play any video and click the Downloader button. (This action may still show "Unable to download" message)
    2. Close all Windows,
    3. Restart your PC.

    Now try downloading your video. If the issue persists, please let us know.

  • Leonard Gore

    yes i have same problem, and have told realplayer but no response as yet

  • Haas Paul

    J'ai le même problème avec Realplayer 20/20 Plus, depuis la dernière mise à jour je ne peu plus télécharger de vidéo, le Downloader ne s'affiche plus, Pourquoi????

    Merci d'avance de votre réponse

  • Real CS


    We don't offer support in French.

    If you are not seeing the downloader button, can you please follow these instructions and let me know if you are able to download a video?

    1. Open RealPlayer.
    2. Click the RealPlayer logo from the top left corner and click "Download a Video". (This will open up the RealDownloader window)
    3. Copy your website of the video you want to download and paste it in the "Download a video from a web link".

     Please let us know if the video downloads and also what web browser do you normally use to download videos.

  • Haas Paul

    Dear all

    Thanks for your answer. this way the download it's work and with google chrome.

    But with the old version it was enough to watch the video and download it directly, without putting a link or going through youtube.

    Everything becomes more complicated.


    Best regards


  • Real CS

    Thank you for writing back. Can you do one more thing for us? 

    • Open a web browser and go to YouTube and play any video.
    • Keep your web browser not Maximized.
    • Reduce the size of your web browser (smaller but not minimized)

    Please let us know if you are able to see the Downloader button.

  • Haas Paul

    I don't can see the download button

  • Real CS

    We sent you an email. We'll take it from there.



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