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Everybody stop using this


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  • RN Support

    We understand that you need some help; however, the exact nature of the problem you are having is not clear to us. We see no other communication from you besides this.

    Before we can help you, we will need some more information. Could you please be more specific about the problem you are having? Please describe exactly what it is that you are trying to do and include any error messages that you may receive. It can also be helpful to include what your computer's operating system is and what web browser you're using. The more specific you are, the better we will be able to assist you.

  • Benjamin Ludrovsky

    I wish my memory was so good I'd remember what this was about but I don't.

    However, since you've been so kind to react to my comment I'd bring up the issue of buying Realplayer but not having the Realplayer Plus features. Am I logged into the wrong account?

    Might be what I was @#$%$#@ about.


  • RN Support

    We see that you purchased RealPlayer Plus 20/20. If you installed RealPlayer 22, you will need to upgrade to activate Plus features in RealPlayer 22 as this is a different product with additional new features. If you want to upgrade, please let us know. As a loyal user, you are eligible for a discount.

    If you don't want to upgrade, you will need to uninstall RealPlayer 22 and install RealPlayer 20/20. You can install RealPlayer 20/20 by clicking this link.

    Once you have installed RealPlayer 20/20, you will need to sign into it to activate your Plus features.

  • null null

    i uninstalled realplayer 22 and reinstalled real player 20/20 and so far downloads work but i'm being catiously optimistic


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