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WTF IS GOING ON HERE! Tried the fix, and still Unable to download videos.


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  • Andrea Hopkins

    Cant download anything, even free videos from my church.  Only just paid for the paid version too.  Will this be fixed or do I need to ask for my money back?

  • Larry McClurg

    same here 2/18/23

  • null null

    This is getting to be a Major Hassle.

  • Robert Bowman

    Mine started working again this morning on both PC's. I don't know why they did but I can download again. 

  • null null

    What magic, did you do?

    I still cannot download.

  • null null

    I'm having the same trouble. Must be a problem at their end. Hope they fix it soon.

  • Brian Tassi

    I am right there with you all as I can longer download any videos either. 

  • RN Support

    If the bellow instructions were followed correctly, the version should be 2023.2.17.0.
    1. Attempt to download any video of your choice (You will still have the same error).
    2. Simply restart your computer after this.
    3. Upon restarting your computer, the Downloader will be updated in the backend and your downloads should start working.
    Please check your version after this. You can go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Real\RealPlayer. Right click on videodl and click Properties and then the Details tab. The version number is found here. 
    If the number has not changed and still shows 2022.10.6.0, it means Windows is blocking the update.
    Please note: These instructions won't work for older versions such as RealPlayer v.18 or older. Versions 18 or earlier have reached end of life support.


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