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Real Player cannot download videos on this page.


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    RN Support

    If the bellow instructions were followed correctly, the version should be 2023.2.17.0.
    1. Attempt to download any video of your choice (You will still have the same error).
    2. Simply restart your computer after this.
    3. Upon restarting your computer, the Downloader will be updated in the backend and your downloads should start working.
    Please check your version after this. You can go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Real\RealPlayer. Right click on videodl and click Properties and then the Details tab. The version number is found here. 
    If the number has not changed and still shows 2022.10.6.0, it means Windows is blocking the update.
    Please note: These instructions won't work for older versions such as RealPlayer v.18 or older. Versions 18 or earlier have reached end of life support.

  • null null

    I'm having the same trouble.

  • Janet Chalmers

    This have been happening with me for a week.  I just cancelled my premium account because I was paying for something that just stopped working.  Please help.  I need for this to work.

  • Robert Reese

    Just paid $25.00 for the upgrade and Downloader doesn't work. I restarted several times and don't have Windows security problems. What do I do? I have windows 7. THX Robert Reese

  • Nancy Cross

    This has become a HUGE issue.  Real Player has gone and done some change or upgrade but in fact, it is a downgrade for the users.  I have been using them for years now and never had an issue before.   I can no longer download any of my videos from YouTube and no matter if I uninstall, reinstall, etc. it still doesn't work.  This has gone on for DAYS!  It's really unacceptable, and I cannot believe that this has not become a major priority for the company.  I have absolutely no patience, and am now researching other video downloader apps.  What a mess, and you would think that the software team would have tested this and fixed any bugs before releasing.  At least go back to the last release that did work and let customers know that you are working on the problem.




  • Patricia holland

    ditto Nancy Cross's post

  • Anjole Saydworthe

    Ok, so how do we stop Windows from blocking the update? Real is not in the folder of protected files either so that wasn't the issue. This is really annoying and I wish it could be fixed promptly.

  • Anjole Saydworthe

    ***Nancy Cross, if you find another player, please share with us! I agree, everything was working fine until it upgraded! Good for them, not for us. I even did a system restore and that didn't help.

  • RN Support

    Please follow these steps additional steps to resolve your issue.

    1. Open a Windows folder
    2. Go to C:\ProgramData\Real\RealUpgrade
    3. Delete all the files in this folder (Caution: Please make sure you are deleting these files correctly and not any other files in a different folder)
    4. Restart PC.
    5. Follow the 3 steps we originally provided again.
    6. Restart PC once more. (This should update the videodl)

    If the issue still persists, please let us know.

    Please note: RealPlayer v.18 or older versions have reached End of Life support. Please upgrade to RealPlayer 22.


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