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Real Player Plus downloading slow down


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  • Todd Johnson

    I have also been experiencing very slow downloads.  I would say for me that it's only been for the last few days. 

    I would like to add that this isn't the first time that this has happened to me.  I just looked back at my old emails and I posted a comment 10/8/2021 to someone else that was having slow downloads at the time.  It took someone from support 9 days to reply to a lot of posts about slow downloads.  They knew about the problem, but didn't have a fix.  It took them a couple of more days to fix it.  They made a new update and we had to download it.

    After that the download speeds were great again!  Hopefully they can figure this one out a little faster.


    Todd Johnson

  • Todd Johnson

    I just tried the previous fix and it helped a little.  I got up to 5Mb downloading.

    Here was the fix 10/19/2021

    "The post Realdownloader is very slow lately has a new comment.

    Real CS

    We have good news! Thank you for waiting patiently while we worked on fixing the slow download speeds. We updated RealDownloader so your downloads are faster. To update your RealDownloader, please follow these steps.

    1. Using Chrome, Firefox or Edge, go to and play any video and click the Downloader button. (This action will still show slow download speeds)
    2. Close all Windows
    3. Restart your PC (This will update your Downloader in the backend)

    Now try your video. If the issue persists, please let us know."


    Todd Johnson

  • RN Support

    We have noticed today (28th February, 2023) that certain websites have started to throttle the download speeds. We don't control how these websites control their content. However, our engineering team is looking into it. 

    At this time, there is very little we can do but we will update this page with more information as we have. Stay tuned!

    Please click this link to get updates about slow download speeds.


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