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runtime error: use of invalid editor "Stream::StreamFileEditorBase"


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  • RN Support

    As the error suggests, the video you are burning has codecs that are incompatible with RealPlayer. This is what we would like to suggest.

    1. Use RealConverter to convert them to MP4 (even if it is currently in MP4 format) This step will ensure the codecs used in the video are compatible with RealPlayer.
    2. Add the newly converted video to your burn list and let us know if it successfully burns.
  • quitzo nsand

    The burned video has codecs that are incompatible with RealPlayer, as the error indicates. What we would want to propose is this.

    Even if they are already in MP4 format, use RealConverter to convert them. By doing this, you may make sure the video's codecs are RealPlayer compliant.
    Put the freshly converted video on your list of things to burn, and let us know whether it works. mart

  • Jason Attar

    I did this, and I still have the same error!

  • RN Support


    We sent you an email. We'll take it up from there.


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